Yu dafu sinking

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Books by Yu Dafu

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In his preface to Sinking,Yu Dafu recognizes the nationalisttheme in the story as "the oppression of Chinese overseas students by Japanese nationalism,"but he says that it forms only an "embellishment,to draw a background"in the story, for fear that the story would be taken as "propaganda"(Yu Dafuyanjiu ziliaovol.

1, p. ). Yu Dafu: 'Sinking' Commentary Yu Dafu's 'Sinking' was one of the most prominent pieces among the literary canon of the May Fourth Movement, as it gives an interesting portrayal of the Chinese diaspora following the nation's occupation by foreign powers.

Yu Dafu Sinking

Sinking - Yu Dafu Bipolar Disorder Sexual Frustration / Hypersexuality Disorder Hypochondria is an excessive preoccupancy or worry about having a serious illness. This debilitating condition is the result of an inaccurate perception of the body’s condition despite the absence of an actual medical condition.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site/5(3). This particular short story reminded me of Holden Caulfield in "Catcher in the Rye". The main character in "Sinking" is very much alike Holden in that they both struggled with isolation and desolation despite being amidst the presence of their peers in school/5.

RongPing Zhang September 5, Summary for Sinking By: Yu Dafu The protagonist of the story is a young man from China that is forced by his older brother to study medicine in Japan.

He is majorly depressed with low self-esteem, which links with China’s condition in that particular time period%(3).

Yu dafu sinking
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