Personal statements for scholarships

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How to Apply

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Academic Scholarships and Merit Scholarships

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ASG is a member owned organisation which supports parents to invest in their children's education journey. Writing a Personal Statement for Scholarship and Fellowships Every viable candidate for the most competitive academic fellowships has a high GPA and stellar recommendations.

What distinguishes the top candidates (the ones who are invited for interviews) from the others is the quality of the personal statement. How to apply So, you've learned about BU and think it may be the place for you.


Great! Just follow the steps below to submit and complete your college application. The estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) lists the average resident and nonresident expenses you are likely to incur during the academic year (fall and spring semesters) at The University of Arizona.

Pascal Fellowship in Computer Science and Mathematics sponsored by FedEx.

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The Pascal Fellowship in Computer Science and Mathematics sponsored by FedEx is a unique program that awards students each year with scholarships as well as internship opportunities. Students must major in Computer Science but may double major in any other field.

Scholarship Personal Statement Sample. When creating a personal statement for scholarship, students will need to focus on the specific scholarship program that they are applying to.

Personal Statements and Essays

For examples, the content and expectations of a medical scholarship personal statement examples cannot be compared to an athletic personal statement.

Personal statements for scholarships
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