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lawn tennis

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Sutter Lawn Tennis Club

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Tennis originally was known as lawn tennis, and formally still is in Britain, because it was played on grass courts by Victorian gentlemen and ladies. It is now played on a variety of surfaces. It is now played on a variety of surfaces.

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Lawn Tennis Sources [1] British Origins. Tennis was one of the sports enjoyed mainly by the social elite and to a lesser degree by the middle.

You’ll find us in a beautiful sheltered valley on the outskirts of Truro. The clubhouse overlooks our six courts.

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Two courts are acrylic, four are all-weather, and all are floodlit, ensuring year-round tennis. Whether it is social or competitive tennis you want, Craven Lawn Tennis Club is the place. With 4 grass and 3 all weather tennis courts it is possible to play all year round.

We offer a variety of membership options for prospective members - for competition or social.

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Come on down and play some lawn tennis this season! Killara Lawn Tennis Club offers one of the finest tennis club facilities on the North Shore, providing quality tennis coaching and hosting both social and competition tennis for .

Lawn tennis
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