Jokes about business presentations

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5 Killer Ways to Open Up Your Next Presentation

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How to Use Presentation Humor to light up your ‘bored’ room

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How to Inject Humor in Your Presentations. And if you want to use humor in business presentations, you need to keep a few ideas in mind. Humor Isn’t For Everyone.

Presentations: Jokes

I once worked with an attorney who asked me if it would be OK if he started his presentation with a joke. You don’t want to be inserting off-color jokes into business presentations. I’ve seen people do that, and it creates awkwardness and ends up tainting the presentation.

Only tell jokes you’d feel comfortable telling to your grandmother or a small child. “When it comes to business presentations, polite laughter is the kiss of death,” writes Geoffrey James in Inc.

“Unless you're really good at telling jokes, don't try to be a comedian.” He. Will and Guy’s Funny PowerPoint Presentations Will and Guy’s Funny PowerPoint Presentations This page features our favourite examples of funny PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint humor has almost developed into an art-form, we hope that our samples will give you ideas to create your own amusing presentations for business and for pleasure.

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Jokes about business presentations
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