Hillside strangler

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The Hillside Stranglers

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Kenneth Bianchi

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The media dubbed the killer “The Hillside Strangler”. Cousins Angelo Buono, Jr. Nov 12,  · Directed by Chuck Parello.

'Hillside Strangler' Dies at 67

With C. Thomas Howell, Nicholas Turturro, Allison Lange, Marisol Padilla Sánchez.

Kenneth Bianchi

In the end of the 70's, the dysfunctional Kenneth Bianchi lives with his mother and is obsessed with joining the police force. When his application is refused, his mother sends him to Los Angeles to live with his sadistic cousin Angelo Buono/10(K). Sep 22,  · Angelo Buono Jr., one of the "Hillside Stranglers" who terrorized Los Angeles by torturing and killing nine women in the late s, carefully arranging their bodies in roadside patches of weeds to taunt police, died Saturday alone in the prison cell where he was serving a life sentence.

Oct 03,  · The Hillside Strangler murders were a series of killings that both baffled and frustrated law enforcement officials in the late s in Los Angeles, in the golden age of serial murder. Angelo Anthony Buono, Jr. was one of the two Hillside Stranglers responsible for the kidnap, rape, torture and murder of nine girls and young women in the hills of Los Angeles, California.

Angelo Buono, one of the Hillside Stranglers, is sentenced to life in prison for his role in the rape, torture, and murder of 10 young women in Los Angeles.

Buono’s cousin and partner in crime, Kenneth Bianchi, testified against Buono to escape the death penalty.

Hillside strangler
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