Fuel hedging for delta airline

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Taking VaR to the next level – Shortfall approach and Jet Fuel Hedging

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Airline Fuel Surcharge Update

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Delta’s unique strategy: Owning a refinery to contain fuel costs

Delta hopes to sell a joint-venture interest in its oil refinery in order to create a better hedge against changes in jet fuel refining margins. The big winner is American Airlines Group Inc. The world’s largest carrier said its fuel cost was between $ and $ per gallon in the fourth quarter because it has not hedged fuel at all - better than Delta, United and Southwest by some 30 cents or more.

Fuel hedging helps Delta land a profit

Ultimately, there are four main ways that an airline can hedge fuel: current oil contracts, call options, collar hedges, and fuel swaps. Current Oil Contracts.

Part Two: Fuel Hedging in the Airline Industry

When an airline believes that fuel prices will rise in the future, it can purchase large amounts of current oil contracts for future use. Jan 21,  · For example, Delta Air Lines Inc., the nation's third-biggest airline company, reported Tuesday that it spent $ million less on fuel in the fourth quarter than it did a year earlier.

The report states: "Airline fuel costs may be affected by hedging," which indicates that fuel costs reported as "actual" may in fact be lower than the the total price paid.

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Why Do Airlines Hedge Fuel Costs? Fuel hedging for delta airline
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