Animal testing in drug industry

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Animal testing

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Over 20, rabbits were used for every testing in the UK in. The marketing of drugs and other pharmaceutical products in the U.S.

is controlled by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), which empowers the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research to require extensive toxicity testing on animals before a new drug is deemed “safe” for marketing.

Animal testing is done extensively in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry when most of the time is it extremely harmful to the subjects, and quite unjustified. For instance, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc.

are used in the LD50 Test to assess lipsticks, skin-care products, shampoos etc. by introducing the ingredients under investigation into the. The testing of just one substance alone, be it a potential drug or toxic chemical, can involve using up to animals and cost over $6 million.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

[1] Although seldom mentioned, essentially all of the in vivo animal safety and toxicity tests in use today were never validated and would be unlikely to meet current validation requirements.

Can we remove animal testing from the pharmaceutical industry?

Animal Testing in Drug Industry: Is It Appropriate or Not?

At the moment it's the law that all medical drugs are tested on animals, so the law would need to be changed. Perhaps the law could be changed so that animal testing was optional, rather than compulsory. Animal Testing in Drug Industry: Is It Appropriate or Not?

Millions of people were killed by incurable diseases, such as smallpox, rabies, et cetera before the 18th century due to lack of knowledge in developing drugs and vaccine at that time.

Thus, animal testing in drug industry must be stopped.

Animal testing - the facts

In addition to physical pain suffered by animals during drug testing, the animals also experience mental pain. According to Singer, three separate British government committees have agreed that animals are not only capable of feeling physical pain, but also mental pain, such as fear, anxiety, stress, et cetera (Singer, ).

Animal testing in drug industry
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Animal testing - the facts