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Evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing 3M’s Industrial Business Division from changing the customer focus from OEM to MRO. Externally, Aviall is committed to community investment.

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Aviall contributes financially to nonprofit organizations such as United Way (We are a Top Donor), The Medal of Honor Foundation and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).Throughout the year, team members volunteer for sponsored community service events. 3M Canada: Industrial Business Division.

Opportunities and Challenges: Evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing 3M’s Industrial Business Division from changing the customer focus from OEM to MRO.

In addition to your written analysis in this section, also present your findings in a table labeled “Opportunities and Threats.”.

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3M Canada Industrial Business Division And Mro. CASE #4: 3M Canada: Industrial Business Division PROBLEM RECOGNITION * The target is to increase growth rate from % to % in 18 months * OEM market is mature with limited prospects of expansion * Ultimately shifting overall focus from OEM market to MRO market * High unfamiliarity and low exposure to the MRO.

The Industrial Business Division of 3M Canada Company is looking to increase its “annual organic growth rate” from three-to-five percent, Evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing 3M’s Industrial Business Division from changing the customer focus from OEM to MRO%(7).

3m Canada - Industrial Business Division 3m canada industrial business division oem and mro
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